19 of August 2016

August 18, 2016 online newspaper "Izvestia" published the news "Energy" has agreed with Boeing on projects of development of deep space " ( The publication contains information about what RSC "Energia" has reached an agreement with American corporation Boeing on the settlement of the dispute on the project "Sea Launch», in which these companies, and the Ukrainian State Enterprise “Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant. named after A. Makarov” and the “Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office” once were partners. Without going into the details of the judicial process to resolve the dispute on the project "Sea Launch" YUZHMASH notes that the company welcomes any actions that could unlock the work on the program "Sea Launch" (implementation of commercial launches of "Zenit" launch vehicle from a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean). These actions will be help to restore the launches of carrier rockets "Zenit" in the peaceful exploration of space. At the same time YUZHMASH notes that the thesis has been repeatedly heard in the media about that the program "Sea Launch" and the program "Land Launch" (implementation of commercial launches of carrier rockets "Zenit" from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan) stopped due to the fact that discontinued the production of launch vehicles "Zenith". This is not true.

The production of launch vehicles "Zenit" is not terminated, but suspended due to problems with financing from the part of operators "Sea Launch" program and "Land Launch". YUZHMASH repeatedly informed their immediate customers about what the production of launch vehicles "Zenit" will be continued immediately after the resumption of funding. At the same time YUZHMASH not put forward and did not put any additional requirements or conditions as compared to the same manner as previously.

YUZHMASH is deeply regret the fact that the journalist of the newspaper "Izvestia" Ivan Cheberko, whom the company is well known and respected, YUZHMASH sees the incident as a misunderstanding and hopes that by this statement it is the preparation of the publication did not try to verify the information, which he used.




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