Landing gear


Landing gears are intended for static and dynamic loads transmission on AN-158 aircraft structural elements during parking, landing, takeoff, running and aircraft taxiing.
The design of the landing gears allows operating the aircraft both on concrete and dirt runways with the soil strength not lower than 12 kgf/cm2 under all weather conditions, depending on aircraft take-off weight. 

The landing gears are manufactured according to the technical documentation of Antonov company. 

Nose landing gear for AN – 158 

The front stanchion is a semilever type strut, which is set rack-and-pinion type steering gears. 

The strut hangs on the bracket mounted on the walls of the nose landing gear. 

The landing gear elements: 
− shock; 
− rack type steering gears ; 
− unit and lever with the axis of the wheels. 

Main landing gears for AN – 158 

The main landing gear consists of: 
− traverse; 
− shock; 
− lever with the axis of the wheels. 

All components are connected together pivotally and form a closed structure. 

Liquid-gas shock absorber is made under the “rod down” scheme and is designed to absorb bumps and jolts of energy through the fluid flowing in the working volume of the shock through the throttle opening and the additional compression of nitrogen. 

Folding strut of main landing gear for AN-158 

Folding strut is designed for the perception of side efforts acting on the rack during start, run and taxiing. 

The strut consists of: 
− upper level; 
− lower level. 

The upper unit is hinged on the walls of the fuselage frames. The lower unit is attached to tide on the traverse pivotally through the spherical bearing. 

Main landing gears thrust for AN-158 

The thrust has two sections mounted with a hydraulic cylinder and end switches. 

This thrust is designed to fold strut when removing the main landing gear and fixation it in the extended position of the rack.

Nose landing gear for AN-158

Parameters Value
Typesemilever mechanism
Type of shock-absorberliquid-gas, two-chamber with the brake on the forward and back moves
Shock gasindustrial nitrogen
Shock fluidAMG-10 aircraft hydraulic oil 
Charging pressure MPa (kg/сm2)
In the section 1
In the section 2 

2,04 ± 0,05 (21 ± 0,5)
12,5 ± 0,2 (128 ± 2) 
Steering fluidaviation oil NGZH-5u

Main landing gears for AN-158

Parameters Value
Typelever mechanism
Type of shock-absorberliquid-gas, single-shamber
with the brake on the
forward and back moves
Shock gasindustrial nitrogen
Shock fluid AMG-10 aircraft hydraulic oil 
Cylinder thrust fluidaviation oil NGZH-5u 

Charging pressure (kg/cm2)
4,41 ± 0,2 (45 ± 2)

Folding strut of main landing gear for AN-158

The clearance between the units in the folding angle 29º, mm
no less than 3
Weight, kg52,015 ± 0,780

Main landing gear thrust for AN-158

Distance between
two points of attachment in the
srtaightened position, mm

Folding angle, degreeno less than 135
Cylinder stripping reserve in
the straightened position of
thrust (sag
4 ± 0,5), mm 
no less than 2,5
Cylinder stripping reserve in
folded position of a thrust, mm
no less than 1,5
Cylinder stroke, mm73(+1)(-0,5) 
Weight, kg8,990 ± 0,134