Precision Casting
Precision casting products are manufactured at YUZHMASH not only serially but also according to individual customer orders. 

Precision casting is a production of castings with high technical requirements. The company has its own working station for the producing of casting patterns. 

Qualified technical personnel will consider the customers’ treatment on manufacture of required products in the shortest time.
Type of materialWeight, kgDimension, mmMass/
Carbon steel   
 20L, 25L, 30L, 35L, 40L, 45L 0,01-50max 320x320x320 mass
Low-alloyed steel   
 35KHGSL, 40KHL0,01-50 max 320x320x320 mass
Stainless steel   
all types 0,01-50 max 320x320x320mass
High-temperature steel
(in vacum furnances)
with up to 60% nickel
content by mass
 0,01-50max 320x320x320 mass
Cast iron   
Grey 0,01-50 max 320x320x320single item
Brass 0,01-50 max 320x320x320single item
Bronze 0,01-50 max 320x320x320single item