Electric valve
Electric valve is used for controlling the supply pressure to the units of automation, requiring prolonged exposure to the working environment. 

When manufacturing and assembling of electric valves effective methods of quality control are used, such as: flaw and X-ray detection, magnaflux inspection, hydraulic and pneumatic testing, testing of air-helium mixture, etc.
Technical characteristicsValue 
Pressure, mPa (kgf/cm2)10-23 (100-230) 
Operating environmentair, nitrogen, helium, oxide
Temperature оС from -196 to +60 
Pilot pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)17-23 (170-230) 
Direct voltage, Vno more than 32 
Current, Ano more than 0,5
Orifice diameter, mm400 
Materialaluminum allov
Mass, kg2