rocket engine
RD - 8

Engine is intended to control flight of the Zenit LV second stage in all stabilizing channels. Sustainer and steering engine operate simultaneously after engine RD-120 disconnects during the flight. The single mode engine provides maintenance of specified thrust and propellants mixture ratio. 

The RD-8 is designed for the first time in the world practice under the scheme of power gas combustion. 

The engine's pressure indicators issue shutdown commands at propellants depletion in LV tanks. 

The engine may stay in the rocket filled with propellants within 24 hours.

Technical characteristics


Propellant components:

liquid oxygen + kerosene

Propellant ignition in the chamber

Start-up fuel

vacuum thrust, tf


Vacuum specific propulsive burn, s


Combustion chamber absolute pressure, kgf/cm2


Nozzle exit absolute presure, kgf/cm2


Proleppant mixture ratio


Number of restarts

1 and more

Gimbal angle of chambers, deg.

± 33

Firing time, s

up to 1100