Okean-O satellite is designed for receiving of remote sensing data, which is crucial for research of natural resources of Earth and world Ocean, it also provides optical and microwave shooting with low, medium and high expansion. The spacecraft helps to solve the problem of natural resources, environmental monitoring, prevention and control of emergency situations. 

Application of the spacecraft: 
− monitoring flora and soil conditions; 
− surveys of atmosphere and oceans; 
− research of ice-covered surfaces; 
− study of physical and geological structures; 
− weather and climate forecast.
Technical characteristics Value
Mass, kg 6250
Research equipment mass, kg 1520
Dimensions, mm:  
- hermetic enclosure 1800х6500 
Spacecraft run position:  
- length (by radar antennas) 12500
- width (by solar panels) 4500
- heght 12000
Active lifetime, years 3
Launch venicle Zenit - 2