This is one of the most demanded models according to the consumer quality request. 

The unique wheel tractor has 60 hp capacity and a front arc type axle. The Tractor UMZ-6 AKM 40.2 is the most popular model in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) today. 

Technical features of the model: 
mechanical nine-speed transmission;   
-high agrotechnical clearance; 
-operating speed – from 1,49 to 11,6 km/h, transport speed up to 32,35 km/h; 

Application areas: 
agriculture (high crops cultivation with the hinged, semi - hinged and dragging tractor units. Also tractor hasexcellent recommendation in co-working with beet harvesting, corn and potato harvesting combines);  
community facilities; 

Due to establishing capacity of special purpose with changeable operating parts this tractor become the universal road building and digger machine working as an excavator, bulldozer, loader. 

Tractors under the UMZ brand could operate both at the temperate and tropical climate.
Technical parametersValue 
Drawbar category, t1,4
Overall dimension, mm: 
length (with hinged system) * width * height (cab)4140x1884x2750 
ground clearance (under rear axle), mm450 
agrotechnical clearance (under front and differential axle), mm650 
Minimum turning radius, m 4,2 
Gauge, mm:  
front wheels step regulation in the range 1360-1860 
back wheels non-step regulation in the range 1400-1800
Rated traction force, kN (kg) 14 (1400) 
Tractor's speed, km/h  
foreword 1,49-32-35 
reverse 1,49-32,35 
Base length, mm 2460 (± 50) 
Operational mass (including ballast), kg3800 (+100) 
Wheel construction 4x2 
Front axle (driving) arc type 
Model D-242-435 
Starting electric starter 
Battery energy storage 6St-90A, 2 units 
Operating power, kW (hp) 44,1+3,7(60+5
Specific fuel consumption, g/kW*h (g/hp*h) 235,0 (172,8) 
Crank rotation frequency, rotation/min 1800 
Working volume of a cylinder, l 4,75 
Clutch dual stage, dry fiction with double-s[eed reducer power shaft 
Transmission mechanical, nine-speed 
Brakes dry, disk-type 
PTO semi-independent 
PTO rotation frequency, r/sec (r.min) 16,6 (1000) or 9 (540) 
Type remote-cylinder system force and positional regulation (option) 
Rated pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 16 (160)
Maximum pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 20 (200) 
Type single-wire for trailer brakes 
Steering hydrovolumetric with off-line supply 
Front 9-20 
Rear 15,5R38 
Type strenthened three-point hinged four-terminal network 
Axle capacity, kg 2500 
Cab safe with heater